Matrix Universal Magnetic Car Charger with Air Vent Mount + Matrix Universal Magnetic Power Bank 5000mAh

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15W Fast Wireless Charging*

Magnetic Ring included

Portrait or Landscape

*For Qi compatible SamsungTM and GoogleTM phones

Magsafe & Qi Compatible

Dash / Windshield Car Mount for Matrix*

5000mAh Matrix Universal Magnetic Wireless Power Bank**

Wireless Charger You
Always Desired To Own

Whether you’re out of town and relying on Google Maps to make it to tonight’s accommodation, delivering packages all day or on an important call with a prospective client, Matrix gets you where you’re going.

Modular Charging Cradle

If you need to make a pit stop, you can slide the Car Charger out and take it with you. You can additionally buy Matrix Power Bank and swap out the wireless phone-charging block with the Wireless Power Bank

Portrait or Landscape

Effortlessly switch viewing orientation between listening to music, accessing navigation, making hands-free calls, uninterrupted.

Secure Magnetic Mount

The dock's custom magnetic car charging cradle makes it easy to align your phone for charging.

Includes everything you need to charge

With a unique right-angled USB-C charging cable designed to fit neatly behind your charger and a 30W car power adapter, all you need to bring is a car.

Package Includes

  • 1 Matrix Magnetic Charging Pad
  • 2 Air Vent Mount
  • 3 50cm Right Angled USB-C to USB-C Cable
  • 4Magnetic Support Ring and Alignment Tool
  • 5 Quick Start Guide
  • 6 30W Car Power Adapter (Not Pictured)

15W Fast Charging

Portrait or Landscape

MagSafe and Qi

Magnetic Ring Included

Qi Charging Cradle

Fast Charging for Earbuds

Charge Two Phones at Once

USB-C Charging Output

Connects to Apple Watch

Charger included


Our Magnetic Power Bank’s generous 5,000mAh battery has enough juice to recharge your phone, earbuds and smartwatch from 0-100%.

Magnetic Ring Included

Take advantage of magnetic charging by attaching the included Magnetic Support ring to your Qi-compatible Android phone. Then, just snap the power bank onto your phone to charge!

Recharges alongside your phone

Slide your Matrix Power Bank into a Matrix Car Mount or Charging Dock to recharge it together with your phone.

Prepared for anything

The Matrix Power Bank works with every other Matrix charger, ensuring you’ll never run flat in an emergency.

Package Includes

  • 1 Matrix Magnetic 5000Mah Power Bank
  • 2 Magnetic Support Ring and Alignment Tool
  • 3 Quick Start Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Young jin Choi
Excellent services

Very happy about there services !! HIGHLY RECOMMENDABLE !!

Micheal K.
value for money

Build quality is excellent, and both the charger and power bank feel sturdy and durable. This combo offers convenience and reliability, making it a must-have for any car owner.

Ali H.
extremely impressed

magnetic power ensures that my phone stays in place, even during bumpy rides. The power bank is a lifesaver when I need to charge my phone but don't have access to a car charger.

Angela V.
Powerful Combo

It has Very strong magnetic force and keeps my phone securely in place while charging. The power bank provides an additional boost to battery life when I'm on the go and don't have access to a power source.

Shawn Y.
strong and reliable

I never have to worry about my phone falling off while charging. The power bank provides an additional layer of convenience, allowing me to charge my phone even when I'm not in the car. The build quality is excellent as well.