3 Port 67W Rapid Power Multi-Country GaN Charger

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Fast charging for three devices

It was a long, draining flight – but you’ve made it. You check into the hotel, drop your bags in the room and turn to go enjoy the nightlife or make it to the big meeting.  

Only to discover your phone and buds are on their last legs after that long flight and you’ve forgotten to charge your camera’s battery.

Thankfully, you brought your 3X67 Rapid Power GaN Charger.

Its next-generation Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor allows it to deliver a total of 67W rapid charging for three devices simultaneously, while weighing just 110g.

You won’t miss a thing.

Travel made easy

We’ve all done it: flopped down on the hotel bed after an exhausting flight and gone to plug in the laptop only to discover we’ve brought the wrong plug. Or forgotten it all together in the last-minute packing.

With interchangeable plugs for four of the world’s most popular travel destinations tucked neatly away into their carry case, that’s one less thing to worry about. We’ve taken care of it.  

Speaking of the carry case, we’ve spared no expense. Its fabric exterior looks and feels great, while its moulded foam interior ensures all your cables, plugs and chargers are safe and snug throughout your travels.

Works with almost everything

USB PD (Power Delivery) technology ensures it delivers the quickest charging that’s safe for your devices, no matter what you have connected and with 67W, the Rapid Power Charger is more than capable of powering your MacBook Air during use and while super-fast charging your Samsung phone.  

All this in a device just over 5cm long. Light, compact, powerful and versatile; the perfect travel companion.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will this charger work with my device?
This charger will work with any mobile phone, tablet or notebook computer that supports USB charging requiring up to 67 Watts (67W) of power.

This includes iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13”. ALOGIC 100W chargers are recommended for MacBook Pro 14” and above.
What is each port's max speed? Does that change when charging multiple devices?
The charger's lower USB-C port can charge compatible USB-C PD devices at 67W.

The other USB-C and USB-A port share 15W - if only one is being used, it will charge at 15W, if two are in use, they'll share 15W.

Max speeds when charging three devices:

USB-C (Lower): 47W
USB-C (Upper) + USB-A: 15W

The maximum wattage of each port is also printed on the charger itself.
How can I check how much power my device needs?
Device specifications published on the manufacturer’s website will usually provide details of how much power the device needs.

Alternatively, if the device came with a charger, the power output will be marked in the specifications printed on the charger.
My device came with a power adapter that has a higher power output than 67W. Can I use this charger with my device?
No, we wouldn’t recommend it.

It is always best to pick an ALOGIC power adapter that provides the same or higher power output in Watts than the charger provided by the manufacturer of your device.

ALOGIC has a range of USB power adapters to suit every application and there is almost certainly a different model that will be the perfect option for you.
Can I use my existing charging cables with this power adapter?
This charger will work with any charging cables that have a USB-C connector on the charger end including USB-C to USB-C cables, USB-C to micro-USB and USB-C to Lighting cables.

If you have older USB-A charging cables for your devices, ALOGIC have USB-C to USB-A adapters available for purchase separately that can allow them to be used with this charger.

Alternatively, ALOGIC also manufactures a comprehensive range of USB-C charging cables that can be purchased separately for use with this charger.

Check out our Elements Pro range of products for some of the charging cables and adapters that we have available.
I’m still not sure if this power adapter will work with my device
If in doubt about which power adapter to choose, drop us a line with the make and model of your device and we will be happy to help.

Contact us at support@alogic.co


Why isn't my device charging from the 15W USB-C port?
The 15W USB-C shared with the USB-A does not support USB PD and won't charge devices that require PD to charge.


Which sockets is this travel charger compatible with?
The ALOGIC Rapid Power Multi Country GaN Charger comes with the following plugs:

US - Plug type A
EU - Plug Type C
UK - Plug Type G
AU - Plug type I

As these are compatible with over a hundred countries covering most of the world, we recommend to Google your intended destination's socket type and checking it's compatible with the four plug above.

It's faster than going through the whole list.
Which voltages can I use this charger with?
This charger is compatible with 100-240V AC at 50 or 60Hz. 1.5A max.
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  • Barcode (EAN): 9350784025920
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Output: 67W

Customer Reviews

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Roger Wong

Great Charge plug

Brilliant idea

This is a great concept. Traveling is a big part of my profession. I always had to remember to pack the chargers for both my phone and laptop. If I didn't bring one of them, that would be a nightmare. This charger helps me a lot.


This is amazing; I've been using it every night to charge my MacBook Air and iPhone while traveling across Canada since I got it. I don't even need to bring an adapter with me to charge other devices that have USB-A ports. And it is little!

Nice charger

Solid and sturdy in size. wonderful packing.

Traveling adapter

I no longer have to worry about it because I always have this handy, powerful charger with me. It also came with adapters for European standards, which is useful if you need to travel to Europe.