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Alogic to Showcase Latest High-Performance Displays and Smart Connectivity Solutions at InfoComm 2024

Las Vegas, NV – June 12, 2024 – Alogic, the leading manufacturer and seller known for its innovative, efficient, and well-admired connectivity solutions, is set to introduce an exciting array of new products at InfoComm 2024 in Las Vegas. The company will unveil six ground breaking products in the end-user computing and smart connectivity space.


The highlights of Alogic's new launches include:


Clarity 5K Touch 27" UHD Monitor

A 27” UHD display with touch capabilities, the Clarity Touch offers a unique combination of 5k color accuracy and touch feature which makes it the ultimate canvas for creatives. It continues the legacy of the Clarity series with enhanced visual accuracy and a focus on color precision found in its predecessors.




Edge 34" & Edge 40” Ultrawide QHD      Monitor

Available in 34” and 40” sizes, these monitors offer a 3440x1440 Ultrawide QHD resolution. Designed to provide high-quality visual experience Edge Ultrawide monitors combine stunning aesthetic with a widescreen perfectly suited for side-by-side multitasking, or longer programs like video editors that get constrained on traditional 16:9 monitors. Perfect for business and home office setups, these monitors adorn a robust in-built USB-C Dock with secure Ethernet and 65W PD and support PIP-PBP functionality. Made of 80% recycled aluminium, a glass back and just 8mm thick, these sustainably designed, fully-loaded unique displays compliment the aesthetics of a Mac set-up and are ideal for professionals who require both power-packed functionality and a visually appealing workspace, such as creators, design agencies, home decorators and more.




Horizon 34" Ultrawide QHD Touchscreen

The 34” Horizon ultrawide monitor boasts a 3440x1440 resolution and supports 10-point multitouch functionality, accommodating pressure-sensitive styluses. Its foldable stand and magnetic stylus storage nook enhance its utility for professionals and creatives. This power-packed monitor offers 165 Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, ensuring smooth performance for both creators and gamers. The monitor is VESA certified 400 HDR and offers 4096 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, along with AMD FreeSync compatibility. With 21:9 aspect ratio and compatibility with Alogic Clarity touch software, Horizon conveniently converts a MacBook or Mac mini to a huge 34” touch screen. Constructed from aluminium and glass, Horizon compliments the aesthetics of Mac setups, making it an excellent addition for Apple users.



Xtend 15.6” & Xpand 17” Portable 4k Touchscreen Monitors

These 4K portable monitors, resembling large iPads, come with protective cover to safeguard the screen while it is carried around. The cover folds out into a little stand. They also include a separate folding stand which magnetically attaches to the back of the monitor and provides greater stability for illustrators.

They support pressure-sensitive stylus input, multitouch and are colour accurate (100% Adobe RGB). They can connect with a single USB-C cable from user’s laptop, tablet or phone, which also powers the monitor unless a separate USB-C power source is connected. Users can also connect with Mini HDMI. Designed for artists, traveling workers, and anyone needing a dual-monitor setup on the go, these monitors offer high visual fidelity.



Slate 28" Double Vertical QHD Monitor

Slate, this unique 16:18 monitor appears to have stacked two QHD 2560x 1440 resolution screens vertically giving it a tall look. It is not just ideal for vertical applications like word  processing, coding, and web browsing, Slate is also a multi tasker's best friend, allowing users to stack two standard QHD apps on top of each other. It is perfect as a second screen in a home office or corporate setting, offering a sleek and space-efficient design. It offers 90W Power Delivery and comes with a retractable webcam. Slate also adorns an in-built USB-C hub including high-speed, secure Ethernet.



UNITE Wireless Presentation System

The UNITE Wireless Presentation System allows multiple users to share their screens wirelessly in meeting rooms or classrooms. Supporting 4k, touchscreen and up to 16 users, this system includes a dock and USB-C button for seamless connectivity across Mac, Windows, Chromebook, iOS, and Android devices.



Ritesh Kumar, CEO - Alogic, remarked, "In line with our ambitious growth and expansion strategies, we are dedicated to continually advancing the frontier of innovation in connectivity solutions. Our products are designed to meet the dynamic requirements of today's users."

Speaking on the availability of these new products, Mr. Kumar added, "The Clarity 5K 27-inch and Edge 34" & Edge 40” Ultrawide QHD displays will be available starting August 2024, with the rest of our displays and connectivity solutions following in September 2024."

Attendees at InfoComm 2024 will have the opportunity to experience these cutting-edge products first-hand. For more information and exclusive preview of these new reveals, visit Alogic's booth C6234 at InfoComm 2024, Convention Centre, Las Vegas, June 12 – 14.