Why the Matrix Wireless Car Mount is perfect for rideshare and delivery drivers

Why the Matrix Wireless Car Mount is perfect for rideshare and delivery drivers_1

Whether you're driving customers downtown with Uber, making someone's late-night taco run on DoorDash or our car is groaning with packages as you start another shift for Amazon Flex, there's just about nothing worse than realising your phone's about to die.  

The tedium of having to unplug and replug your phone every time you hop out of the vehicle, the embarrassment of asking the customer to wait while you awkwardly reposition your phone into that spot where the charging cable reaches.

The frustration of discovering that your charging cable is dead and the cheap backup you bought at the gas station isn't fast enough to keep your phone charged when you've got the map open at full brightness on a sunny day.

Thankfully, there is a better way and its name is MagSafe.

MagSafe is a magnetic charging technology developed by Apple for iPhones 12 and above.

Magnets in the back of the phone snap onto magnets under the surface of a MagSafe wireless charger, automatically aligning with the ideal spot for fast wireless charging, in portrait or landscape.

All you have to do is place the phone against a MagSafe-compatible charger and it'll magnetically grab a hold of it, which is a godsend for any delivery driver who's used to carefully slotting their phone into a cradle (or worse, plug it into a cable) every time they jump in and out of the car.

We designed the Matrix Magnetic Wireless Charger with Car Mount to provide this frictionless car charging experience. To enjoy the easiest phone mounting and charging experience of your life, all you need to do is:

  1. Fasten the secure car mount to a dashboard air vent.
  2. Connect the magnetic charging pad to your car's USB charging port or cigarette lighter power adapter with the included cable.
  3. Snap your phone onto the magnetic pad to charge.

The proprietary, ultra-strong magnets of the Matrix Magnetic Wireless Charger with Car Mount ensure your phone will remain solid as a rock once it's snapped on, without making it difficult to remove.

Don't worry if you're not using an iPhone – the included Magnetic Support Ring allows you to securely snap any phone you want to the magnetic car mount, although only Qi-compatible phones will benefit from its fast 15W wireless charging.

Almost every modern Android phone with wireless charging is Qi-compatible.

Just use the included Alignment Tool to secure the Magnetic Support Ring onto your Qi-compatible phone or case. 

For delivery workers who frequently need to leave the car for extended periods, our Matrix range of interconnecting wireless chargers has the perfect solution.

The Matrix 5000mAh Wireless Power Bank slots directly into the Matrix Car Mount.

The car mount recharges the power bank and your phone as you drive, while the unobtrusive power bank snapped onto the back of your phone ensures you'll never run out of power as you're making your way up and down apartment buildings.

With 5,000mAh of power, the Matrix Wireless Power Bank's battery is bigger than almost every modern phone, translating a complete 0-100% recharge for your piece of mind.

Whether you're looking for professional mount for your ridesharing GPS, or an easy snap-on, snap-off solution for keeping your phone charged between deliveries, the Matrix Wireless Charger with Car Mount is the perfect way to make your shift go a little bit smoother. 

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