What are the best iPhone 14 accessories?

What are the best iPhone 14 accessories?

Make the iPhone 14 experience truly yours with the best smartphone accessories.

Apple has announced release details for the iPhone 14.

Currently, the iPhone 14 is available for pre-order. From September 16 onwards, models will be available for purchase.

At Apple’s Sep 8 [AEST] Far Out Event, it was revealed that the iPhone 14 range would feature four models: 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max.

The overall range debuts a variety of new features — although some of the headline upgrades are exclusive to the pricier Pro models.

Notable amongst the new features are the 48-megapixel rear camera [Pro models], A16 bionic chip [Pro models], car crash detection [all models], 4K cinematic mode video recording [all models], and the “dynamic island” [Pro models]. The island, an interactive hardware-software hybrid to supplant the more perfunctory “notch” that lived centre-top on the screens of predecessor ranges, is arguably the most innovative of all.

If you already have your eye on an iPhone 14, keep in mind that you can also extend your return on investment with key iPhone 14 accessories.

Read on for ALOGIC’s take on some of the best iPhone 14 accessories for enhancing your smartphone experience.

Wireless Charging for Your iPhone 14

Wireless chargers’ appeal to smartphone users is manifold. With an iPhone 14, simply place your device on a wireless charging pad, rather than plug it in every time. It’s a simple convenience, but one that compounds. A wireless charger can also make life easier when you are at the wheel, or if you have visual or dexterity impairments. Wireless chargers minimise the expenses you incur replacing charger cables too. Also use them to de-stress your desks, benches, and beside dressers by minimising clutter. 

ALOGIC’s range of wireless chargers include the MagSpeed 2-in-1 and MagSpeed 3-in-1Wireless Charging Stations. One of the great benefits of these wireless chargers is they act as all-in-one charging stations for your Apple devices, simultaneously charging up to three devices, including your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. They also act as a phone stand that enables you to view your iPhone in portrait or landscape. 

iPhones 8-11 received a maximum charge of 7.5W through Qi wireless charging, but since the debut of the iPhone 12 in 2020, all iPhones have featured MagSafe technology. MagSafe-capable iPhones can receive wireless charging up to 15W. 

Charge your iPhone 14 in no time with a USB wall charger.

Fast-Charge Your iPhone 14 With a Wall Charger

To charge the iPhone 14 in the fastest-possible time, you’ll need a wired charger. According to Apple’s specs, you can charge all iPhone 14 model batteries up to 50% in about 30 minutes. But you’ll need a 20W adapter or higher to do so [Apple’s specs don’t explicitly indicate if there are speed gains from a charger capable of more than 20W].

To choose the best charger, consider your charging routine. Is it a good time to invest in a charger that’s powerful enough to fast-charge all your everyday devices, including phones, tablets, and laptops? Would your charging routine be more efficient with a multi-port wall charger? Would you benefit from an additional charger that stays in your bag for mobile work? Do you need a charger that tops up your phone battery as quickly as possible?

ALOGIC’s Rapid Power range of GaN chargers includes chargers capable of up to 100W Power Delivery. This is ample power to fast-charge most standard laptops, along with tablets and iPhones. A charger such as ALOGIC’s Rapid Power 4X100 Charger, on the other hand, can charge four devices simultaneously. But if you’re more interested in a dedicated charger for an iPhone 14, a tiny charger such as ALOGIC’s 30W Rapid Power Charger [ALOGIC’s smallest-ever charger] is extremely portable and efficient.

Smartphone cont creators can do more with a tripod

Create Amazing Content on an iPhone 14 With a Tripod 

Whether you’re a professional content creator or a passionate hobbyist, expect inspiration to strike when you see the world through the eyes of Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max cameras. Each is equipped with a 48-megapixel main camera. That means your visual content just got much better.

As great as the camera is, however, you can shoot better overall with a tripod. It’s also a steady hand on your phone for video calls, or to play back video content from your favourite streaming services. 

To choose the best tripod, consider the following:

  1. Is the tripod light and compact enough for portability?
  2. Which types of phones is it compatible with?
  3. How durable is the material?
  4. Is the tripod arthritic and creaky, or freely manoeuvrable?
  5. What height does it extend to?  
  6. What are the warranty terms? 

You deserve a phone case.

iPhone case  

It’s too expensive not to have a case on your iPhone 14. One survey found that more than two thirds of consumers have mangled their phone display’s cosmetics, predominantly by dropping the phone.

A quality case isn’t only about protecting your iPhone 14 from face-diving on to concrete floors however. Even without the accidents, we often subject our phones to an aesthetic cost of living — the daily scratches, bumps, and spills of life. Without a case, your iPhone 14 risks winding up old-aged in its youth.

When deciding on the best case for your iPhone 14, consider if the case’s material is thin enough to fit into your pockets. Also be aware that some phone cases can inhibit your phone buttons’ functionality. One of the biggest potential headaches to keep in mind when you shop phone cases is whether they support wireless charging. If not, you would need to remove your phone case each time you want to set your phone on your wireless charger’s pad. Also look for a phone case style that matches your personality and lifestyle. A Pokémon-themed case, for example, might not make the best impression in a corporate environment.

The right cable delivers the fastest charge for your iPhone.

USB Cables  

As impressive as many of the iPhone 14 range’s features are, the device is nothing without power. To give the highly durable iPhone 14 batteries their due leases on life, you’ll need the best charging cable. 

The iPhone 14 can take a charge of up to at least 20 watts, so ensure you choose cables that support these specifications. Keep in mind that the charge your phone draws is only as good as the weakest link in the charging chain. 

It’s also important to pay attention to the right cable length for your needs. Avoid imitation cables. Shop for ones that feature flexible material, durability, safety certifications, and a warranty.  

ALOGIC’s extensive range of power cables are intelligently engineered to absorb the daily grind of a cable’s life. The range, which includes one of the first USB-C cables to be Apple MFi certified, supports fast-charging, strain relief, and flexibility. All cables are backed by a long-life warranty to keep your iPhone 14 fully charged. 

Click here to explore ALOGIC's range of iPhone 14 accessories.

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